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THE FLIRT (Rome) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 335 1631211
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.flirtclub.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flirtclubprive





The first, historical location of the Club
Open every weekend in the evening: Friday, Saturday.
Village: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Generally, open two Saturdays a month
Friday 21:30 -04: 00
Saturday, 21:30 -04: 00


club It is located within an exclusive private villa of 650mq on a single level, nestled in a picturesque park of 70.000mq, 40 km from the GRA in the Rome area North, with breathtaking views of the lake Bracciano. Available to all members, there are two naturist pools: one heated indoor and the other outdoor, wide and panoramic lake views. All areas are spacious and comfortable: the living room, the area hard, the restaurant, the smoking area and love the many rooms.


is highly sought after, the ceilings of the house are made of wood and up to 8 meters high, with large beams. Each piece of furniture is unique: antique furniture blend with vintage and modern furniture, often changing their function. Televisions 60 years’ tables that become light; drying hoods 50 years’ turn into amazing floor lamps; old travel trunks replace the tables; modern mirrors overlap in antique frames, antique networks for mattresses are used as a screen. Iron, wood and fiberglass mix, combining to create sofas, lamps, chairs, tables. Nothing is standard or trivial. The bar is in an ancient and original pulpit of the church, while the large central fireplace divides the environments and creates intimacy, with many mirrors positioned specifically to stimulate the imagination and sensual suggestions. Alcoves one after another, chasing each other in several places and each time the eyes are, discover new hidden corners and intriguing, stimulating excitement and imagination.



They have a key role in creating the right atmosphere, changing in intensity to accompany the different moments of the evening, and to enhance the details.



to deepen the knowledge, meet the needs of everyone: Soft area, the large suite on the top level, for those who are new to the experience or prefer to watch, be watched contacts or only for women; Hard in the area more reserved, dedicated to those who have more experience and are more uninhibited, preferring the exchange of couple or group sex. They are also available numerous alcoves and lounges where couples can seclude in partner or alone.



It is equipped with all the alcohol and spirits, also aged or fine, in order to satisfy the most demanding. Each drink is served by our barman in glasses with ice when necessary, and with the right trimmings: mint, limes, oranges, lemons, cherries, olives, etc., to prepare cocktails international standards, but also basil and strawberries for our exclusive cocktails: the Flirt Club cocktail and Strawberry Flirt Club cocktail. And also ‘possibie taste also a good selection of red and white wines, sparkling wines and champagne.



It is marble granite, heated and always ends so unforgettable night … Obviously, for reasons of hygiene, not allowed to have sex in water. See also other rules.



It is exciting and never boring: jazz, lounge, latin, deep, electro, tribal, latin, house and soulful music, are the perfect soundtrack, valuing every moment of the evening and helping to make the party memorable.




The new location of Rome Centre offers many possibilities to our members.

Open 4 days a week, from Thursday to Sunday

The Privat evenings start at 10:30 pm, every evening has its own theme with differences also in the membership fees, all information you can find by scrolling through the events calendar.


  • GUESTROOM FOR OVERNIGHT : in interior rooms of the club with check-out until h. 14:30 the day after arrival.

The rooms are all with private bathrooms, have high ceilings and wooden beams, antique furniture, air conditioning and safe (strongbox).
The breakfast from h. 10:30 to 13:00, and the use the indoor naturist swimming pool naturist are included.
The rooms are all non-smoking type.


Booking of  exterior rooms  near the club, in B & B, Residence and Partner Hotels. € 70 per room.
Generally the room rates are obviously with a discount for our members.
Warning: for privacy of out guests B & B, Residence and Partner Hotels not know us as a club Flirt, therefore at the time of booking, we will give you the appropriate information.


… and the FLIRT CONTINUE DURING THE NIGHT for you who are getting late and would like to remain to sleep will be accommodated in the common area, space to rest, where you can fall asleep in the company of other couples like you … and whatever happens, will happen only in the silence of the night.
With only 22 euro per person you will have included: pillows, pillow cases, sheets, blankets, towels for shower and towels for the heated pool: who wants, can book the breakfast for the next day with a little extra.
And on Sunday together for brunch and the pool!
We recommend you reserve your place in advance because if it will require the same evening, you could not find more availability..

  • INDOOR NATURIST SWIMMING POOLthe indoor pool is open all year and you can use it in the evenings and open days.

In winter it is heated to 36 ° and in Summer to 32 °.
The pool is naturist, so it is not required to use costume.
Obviously, for reasons of hygiene, the members do not have sex in the water

  • NATURIST VILLAGE (open only in summer)private park of 7ha, with indoor and outdoor pool, Lake Bracciano sight. The summer opening hours are from h. 11:30 to 19:00.

The village is naturist therefore is not required to use the costume, indise the villa or in the pool area.
There will be advantages for those who also participated in the party of the evening and it’s possible to change your dress inside the villa .

  • DINNERS and LUNCHES with cateringpoolside or inside the villa.

The buffet lunches are usually organized only in summer on Saturdays and Sundays.
They consist of starter, main course, side dish, dessert, fruit and water.
And the served dinners are organized every Friday and Saturday night.
They consist of an appetizer, first, second, sherbet, coffee and water.
As the tables are from 8/10 persons, dinners and lunches are an excellent opportunity to relax and socialize easily with other couples.


Register Request

  •  Enter real information.
  •  The registration request does not guarantee that it will be accepted.
  •  The data processing is carried out in strict compliance with privacy laws.
  • The data are used for the sole purpose of evaluating the application for registration. Being a private club, many questions are regularly rejected. If it happens, it will accept elegantly the case.
  • No guests will be accepted if the request is not accepted before.
  • If, after a request is accepted, arrived at the club, we will evaluate differences between the statements and the detectable (documents, etc.) will not be allowed entry and will not be confirmed as an associate membership
  • The address of the Club will be provided only after receipt of the registration request.


  • Smoking Area

Flirt within the club and in the rooms, smoking is not allowed.
Instead it is available to smokers, a comfortable dedicated area where smoking is allowed.
The area is heated in Winter.

  • Do not have sex in the pool

For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to have sex in the water …
However, there are many other convenient locations, clean and intriguing where to do … even around the pool;)
Before diving in, all members using the shower water.

  • Bring your own condoms

In respect of himself and of others, those who attend the club must personally provide the necessary ‘protection’. Therefore to Flirt Club you will not find condoms in sight. However, those who had forsaken them or finished, may request them to the point bar, where you will also find hypoallergenic ones (latex-free).

  • Education and respect

Are the prerequisites that each Flirt member must be to attend the Club, remaining allowed.

Dress Code:

Couples have to respect the dress code to attend exclusive events and sexy parties of Flirt club.For being in tune with the environment and with the other couples who frequent FLIRT club, all members have to respect the dress code and come to the club with the dress code required: elegant for mens and sexy for woman, ALWAYS

Those who need it, can change the dress and dress for the evening, directly to clubs .

Generally, to be accepted to the events, it is sufficient that the members follow these simple guidelines:

    •  For MAN:
      Dark suit and elegant white or black shirt with elegant shoes .
      The jacket is welcome but optional, while the tie is not required
    • For WOMAN:
      elegant and sexy, with high heels .
      Please, notice that trousers, leggings, shorts, etc. and shoes or boots with low heels are to be absolutely AVOIDED.

Otherwise Flirt Club reserves the right to non admit a member to the party .

DO YOU WANT TO AVOID REJECTION OF YOUR PARTICIPATION ON THE ENTRANCE OF THE FLIRT CLUB? The Flirt is a very exclusive privè club and members who attend to our parties are distinct and elegant couples. To avoid receiving unpleasant REJECTION when you are already at Flirt Club, we suggest you to keep to the following:

What members of Flirt club DON’T WEAR:

    •  NO FOR MAN: blue jeans , sport trousers with pockets, sport jackets, tank tops, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters (though in cashmir), sport or wool gilet, blazers, day suit, checked shirts, striped or with scottish pattern, sneakers, ankle boots, etc.
    • NO FOR WOMAN: any type of trousers, leggings or shorts , skirts, jeans, unsexy dresses, sports or day clothing , heavy woolen clothes, office clothes, sweaters, shoes or boots with low heels.

What members of Flirt club WEAR:

    •  MAN: dark trousers and elegant white or black shirt, with or without a jacket.
      In the summer, even the white is fine. Elegant shoes.
    • WOMAN: super sexy dresses short, transparent or open, shoes with high heels, always.



To partecipate to themed parties all members have to respect the dress code required by the specific event, for example lingerie party, white party, burlesque party, international festivals etc …
It ‘s always possible to change the dress and dress up for the evening, directly to clubs . DRESS CODE for LINGERIE and BURLESQUE PARTY:The Lingerie and Burlesque party are very sexy and fun parties organized at Flirt Club about 2 times a month.
The characteristic is that at 00.30 all women , without exception, remain in lingerie.
Usually even the shyest woman feels herselve comfortable just because of all the other women wears the lingerie.
The specific dress code for Lingerie and Burlesque Party is as follows:

  •  For HER: burlesque, lingerie, bustiers, panties, reggi stockings, corsets, garters, sexy underwear,
    babydoll shorts, bras, tops, sexy body, cat suites, etc. and high heels. NO long babydolls.
  • For HIM: elegant trousers and shirt (tie is not required)


The international events are sexy parties organized about every 2/3 weeks and attract swinger couples, libertine couples and soft and full swap couples, from all over the world.
The dress code varies from party to party and is always mandatory for all .
Those who need can change or dress up for the evening, directly to clubs.
Usually women without of themed dress, can buy it, by request, at the entrance of the club.
Therefore it is appropriate, before you book, check the dress code required, on our event page


DRESS CODE for the Naturist Village

Entrance to the club during the opening hours of the Naturist Village

    •  For arriving at the club during the hours of opening of the village is not required any specific type of clothing: robes, sarongs, shorts, Bermuda shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, flip flops, all them are fine.

During your stay at the Naturist Village and using of swimming pools

    •  In the hours of opening of the Naturist Village , all the areas inside and outside of the club and the pool area are reserved to naturism, so members do not wear the costume . For women, it’s tolerated the use of the thong.

Access to the restaurant

    •   For hygienic reasons, the access to the dining room, is allowed only with breast and private parts covered.


Monthly subscription
(4 weeks)* ONLY FLIRT 2

  • Under 35 y.o € 100
  • Ordinary members € 140
    (under 47 y.o.)
  • Supporter members € 180

Monthly subscription
(4 weeks)* FLIRT 1 + FLIRT 2

  • Under 35 y.o € 140
  • Ordinary members € 180
    (under 47 y.o.)
  • Supporter members € 260

Valid 4 weeks after subscription
If you want an advantageous way to attend the flirt club with assiduity, choose the subscription.

– Party 31/10, 02/10, 31/12



A beautiful gift for your birthday: come and be our guests for dinner.
The promotion is valid for one dinner for two persons in the next 30 days to birthday.
When you book, in advance the code: ‘Advantage Birthday to Flirt’


Flirt Friends: Invite to be a GUEST, your couple of friends:
Take advantage of the promotion: DINNER together fot FREE at Flirt!
A Flirt club Members who invites a friend couple (that is still not a Flirt member or have to renew a membership) and who lives in Rome to visit the club, will have the opportunity to be our guests for dinner in 4 person for free.
When you book, send us in advance the code: ‘Flirt Friends – dinner for 4 for free’.
Friends invited by you will need to follow the registration and membership procedure . ‘.

Membership card




The membership card is valid for 365 days and is obligatory for all those who wish to participate in activities of the club and events.

  • COST: € 35 per person
    VALIDITY: 365 days.


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