We went to a swinger’s club at 21 and seduced a couple twice our age on a bet

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For a handful of seconds, as we stepped in the swinger’s club, all eyes were on us. Everyone appeared to be in their 40s and up, and even the youngest couples were in their 30s. So how did we, a 21-year-old-couple, end up being the center of attention in a swinger’s club?

We were 18 and together for over five years and had spoken about a threesome a few times before. But it was something we agreed would only happen “someday”. We were both turned on by the idea of having someone else in bed, but neither one of us really expected it to really come true. We were happy with our own company and our occasional daydreams of being with another.

Of the two of us, I didn’t think it would be my girlfriend that would bring up the idea. One day, a Buzzfeed video on Facebook caught my girlfriend’s attention. It was about a girl who had two boyfriends at once, and both men, who were good friends, were completely happy to share her.


“Wouldn’t it be crazy if we were in a relationship like that?” My girlfriend said. “Or even better, one where we share a girlfriend?” I was taken by surprise. While most men might freak out about bringing another person into their relationship, especially if it’s a guy, I was excited. I agreed on the spot.

The second we became an open couple, a whole new world of exciting possibilities opened up. During this time, I learned more about my girlfriend than the previous five years put together. We shared fantasies we had never shared with anyone and opened up about our attraction for other people.

Even our fights about jealousy lessened to the point of rarity. Not because we were okay with being with anyone, which we weren’t, but because we understood that being attracted to others was natural and wouldn’t affect our love for one another.

Then one day, we came up with a crazy idea. What would it be like to have sex with an older couple? Would they be better in bed? Would they be more confident? Would it be even hotter?

But I didn’t think an older couple would really be into us. But my girlfriend disagreed. She insisted that if we wanted to, we could easily bed an older couple.

“Bet,” I said.

“Alright,” she agreed with a confident smile. “Bet’s on.”

The best and easiest way to bed a couple was to go to a swinger’s club, which we had already given some thought to. The bet just gave us another reason to go and see what the swinging lifestyle had in store for us. With a bit of research, we found our first swingers club.

We weren’t really sure what to expect of a swinger’s club, but it definitely wasn’t what we found. Anyone might have mistaken it for a house party, with people chatting excitedly around the tables in the living room, music blaring as others danced in the next room, and drinks being poured over at the bar. Couples turned to look at us as we walked in, and a few flirty stares lingered.

One of the women immediately stood out to me, and I would later learn my girlfriend was looking at her husband too. She was short, beautiful and had a sexy figure, and she and her husband were looking over too. This couple was older, and I immediately knew what my girlfriend was thinking: She’s going to win the bet.

After the host gave us a tour around the full swinger’s club (looking at the pool, dance floor, bar, and endless sex rooms), we were back at the tables where we had seen our couple. Giving me a knowing smile, my girlfriend walked us over to the couple and introduced us.

The husband, whose name was Luis, was slightly shorter than me and a little stockier. His wife, Sofi, was the same height as my girlfriend and wore a dress as short as decency would allow. While they were in no way wrinkled from age, and clearly, they had the energy of a young soul, it was evident they were much older than us.

Still, our jaws dropped when they told us they had children about our age. Woah. But something about an older couple still being into us was exciting. I felt that my girlfriend was thinking along similar lines; how would they be in bed? What would happen? Would they wow us with sensations we had never felt before?

Before long, we all had drinks in our hands and were laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Luis wasn’t the type to hold back his flirty comments, and Sofi didn’t bother hiding her interest in us either. My girlfriend and I kept exchanging glances of excitement; we were in for a fun night.

Later that night, Luis admitted his wife looked a lot like my girlfriend, and while he was usually picky with his women, he was very attracted to my girlfriend. And I realized I felt the same way. They were both small with short, dark hair. They had big eyes, cute noses, and full lips. They were both curvy with big butts and thick thighs. How could we not be attracted to each other’s spouses?

It came up in conversation that we loved our partner’s thick thighs, and my girlfriend, who had come with nylon tights under her dress that day, offered to take them off for him. While shocked, Luis instantly agreed.

Somehow, we wound up running our hands along our spouse’s thighs. Age was forgotten in the rush of adrenaline. Lips were kissed, and it was no longer just me and my girlfriend. We went to a private room, turned the lights low, and nervously lay down.

The next time we touched each other’s spouses’ thighs, we were completely free of clothing.

We went home that night feeling completely happy, excited and anxious for the next time we could come back. Two things became apparent that night: The first was that older couples really are great in bed (or at least our couple was). And the second was that I had (happily) lost the bet.

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